martedì 26 gennaio 2010


The owners of I Poderi del Sole are Gianni and Graziella, and adorable couple that have been married for 47 years.
When I arrived to Puglia, Gianni picked me up at the Ostuni train station and took me to the farm (la campagna) where he introduce me to Grazilla. "This is Graziella, the love of my life" he said, proudness radiating from his face.
Graziella was in the kitchen, her kingdom, with her sister Mellina.They both analyzed me and started chit chatting between each other in really fast Italian. "Mi piacche" one of them said. Then I was kissed and hugged and fed and welcomed in the family like if I was a long lost relative.
My introduction to Graziellas cooking was with a mushroom risotto (risotto ai funghi). She serve me a plate big enough to feed an army, I eat it all, it was fantastic, way to much but I knew it would break her heart if I didn't finished it. As I was done with my last grain of rice, the second dish arrived, cotoletta di vitello or breaded veal chop cutlet, with a salad. How did that all that food fitted in my stomach I still don't know.
After my meal they suggested I take a nap, what a wonderful idea.

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